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Valerie Miller




Val Your Home Gal

About Valerie Miller:

Licensed in:



Mountain Top, PA (NEPA)

Current town:

Ridley Park

Years in the business:



Bachelor of Fine Arts, University of Hartford c/o 2011

Career Prior to Real Estate:

Dance Instructor at a boutique dance studio


I’m married with one furbaby- a crazy dog named Jax


I used to be a professional dancer so I enjoy taking dance classes to stay fit. I also love hiking and kayaking with my husband and dog, and pretty much anything outdoors!

Why do you like being a Real Estate Agent?

Your home is where you spend most of your time, where you hang out with family and friends, and where you relax and wind down! I love helping people find a home that works for their needs and reflects their personality.

What sets you apart from other agents in the industry?

When I show a home I don’t just point out all the pretty things, I also make sure buyers see the systems and are made aware of any potential flaws or quirks in the home. I also enjoy helping investors or home buyers planning interested in renovation envision how a space could be changed to improve functionality or reach a goal they have in mind. For sellers I do light staging on their homes myself- adding greenery, welcome mats, throw pillows, etc can really go a long way to make a space feel welcoming to potential buyers!

What’s a unique or surprising experience you’ve had in your business?

Of course as realtors we’ve see some weird things! The strangest I found was a hidden room under the basement steps of a ranch home. When my client touched the wood frame of a giant chalkboard in the basement, it happened to open up and reveal a little room where a child size chair & easel was positioned. Time out room or panic room?! Either way we were a little weirded out. But there’s actually more to this story- my clients wanted to offer on the house but unfortunately we were told there were multiple offers, ones that my first time home buyers were not comfortable competing with. Needless to say they were very disappointed. A few days later the husband (who is a firefighter) sent me a video of a fire he was called to at a church around the corner from that same house. Turns out the roof on that home ended up damaged by the fire. I tell this story often to my buyers- I truly believe it’s the perfect example of “everything happens for a reason!” They ended up buying a different home they love so much more.

Val’s Dream House:

My dream house would be a craftsman style on a lake with a big deck, lots of windows, and a boat dock!